St. Roch team in Melbourne

About Us

St. Roch was created by us Sarah & Fiona, along with our rescue greyhounds Sophia, Winnie & Pepper. We’re passionate about our dogs, they’re what we love more than anything - and our lives pretty much revolve them (ask our friends, they’ll tell you).

Before St. Roch our jobs were very intense and involved long hours. This meant when we were away from our girls we did everything we could to make sure they were taken care of – walked, fed, taken to the vets – by friends who loved them nearly as much as we did. And when we were with them, we’d shower them with treats, toys, love, threads, more love, more treats and of course the occasional bow tie.

And that got us thinking. What if we could provide the service we’ve always needed for other people and their dogs?   And so St. Roch was born - bringing together the best of all the local providers we’ve tried into a great selection of treats ,threads and accessories for you and your dog. And we do the dog walking, vet visits, feeding to name a few things– to ensure you get a personal and love filled service.

And who’s St. Roch – well he’s the patron Saint of Dogs and Dog lovers of course!